We at Studio 102 have been supporting our clients’ business development since 2002. With years of market presence and practice we’ve acquired the greatest value achievable now: EXPERIENCE. Our TEAM members apply their complementary skills and competencies in our innovative WORKSHOP/ANALYSIS MODEL of work. We use these to reach our clients’ OBJECTIVES. And we’re simply COOL!



“Nice, but is it effective?” - we ask ourselves when working for you. EFFECTIVENESS is the keyword, and everything we do we do to EFFECT results. If we don’t know the intended goal of our work, we don’t do it - it won’t make any sense. Your OBJECTIVE is the most important for us and we need to know it to squeeze the most out of our work for you. To reach the goal together we need to GET TO KNOW YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS as well as we know our own.


    Communication strategy
  • Branding
  • Communication analysis
  • Advice
    Graphic design
  • Logo
  • Visual identity
  • Printers
  • Packages
  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Google Ads
    Production management
  • Print
  • Packages
  • Promotional material
  • Exhibition systems (pos)
  • Outdoor (ooh)
  • External marketing
  • External graphics studio
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    Studio 102 is our phone call to a friend like in the Millionaires show. We always call for help at the last minute, and Studio shows a few ideas in this short time, all of them for immediate realization. Each time I promise myself that I will call before the next project and I keep wondering what will positively surprise us then.

    Tomasz Bobrowski – PR manager of Blue Media S.A.

    The EURO STYL brand's graphic symbol has been working out perfectly throughout the 5 years of company's operations. The agency's work on all materials was always based on the Corporate Identity Manual, and the opinions of graphic designers and other recipients of this material were always very favourable.

    Bartosz Podgórczyk – Marketing Department Director at EURO STYL

    They have proven that they are top-level specialists on numerous occasions. Swift performance, fully professional approach, attention to details and, most importantly, they establish great rapport with clients. You can rely on them! I am convinced that our collaboration will continue to be just as remarkable for years to come.

    Milena Wyrmińska – Office Assistant at SGS Polska Sp. z o.o.

    We greatly appreciate the quality, flexibility and the high level of service consisting in reliability and prompt response to our needs. Starting with the level of service provided for our company, up to the delivery of finished products we ordered—every aspect of services provided by Studio 102 shows their remarkably professional approach.

    Monika Raszeja-Załęska – Residential Property Sales Specialist
    at Dekpol sp. z o.o.

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    Today we are not only a consistent team, but also a group of companies that provide services to their clients. This direction of development stems directly from our philosophy of creating teams with complementary competencies, which will ensure the safety and comfort of cooperation for our customers. Our three companies carry out their tasks in one office because they often serve one client. Thanks to such a solution, we have an uncluttered flow of information and we realize the tasks entrusted to us faster.

      102 GROUP is:
    • STUDIO 102 advertising agency,
    • software house QUELLIO,
    • training and consulting company MISTRATEGY OF NAVIGATION.

    • Pomeranian Employer of the Year 2018
    • Raw material-efficient entrepreneur 2017
    • Stena Circular Economy Award 2017
    • Educational business activities (Finalist) 2016
    • The Man Who Changes Business (Nomination) 2015
    • Tri-City Wings (Nomination) 2014
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