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We treat Studio 102 as a kind of a Phone-a-Friend from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? We always call for their help at the last moment, and the Studio very quickly comes up with several ideas, all of which can be instantly implemented. After each such situation, I make a note to myself to call them in advance before the next project, and I keep thinking what kind of a positive surprise they will have in store for us then.

Tomasz Bobrowski – PR manager at Blue Media S.A.

The EURO STYL brand's graphic symbol has been working out perfectly throughout the 5 years of company's operations. The agency's work on all materials was always based on the Corporate Identity Manual, and the opinions of graphic designers and other recipients of this material were always very favourable.

Bartosz Podgórczyk – Marketing Department Director at EURO STYL

They have proven that they are top-level specialists on numerous occasions. Swift performance, fully professional approach, attention to details and, most importantly, they establish great rapport with clients. You can rely on them! I am convinced that our collaboration will continue to be just as remarkable for years to come.

Milena Wyrmińska – Office Assistant at SGS Polska Sp. z o.o.

We greatly appreciate the quality, flexibility and the high level of service consisting in reliability and prompt response to our needs. Starting with the level of service provided for our company, up to the delivery of finished products we ordered—every aspect of services provided by Studio 102 shows their remarkably professional approach.

Monika Raszeja-Załęska – Residential Property Sales Specialist
at Dekpol sp. z o.o.

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Nice, but is it effective? - This is the question we ask ourselves when creating materials for our customers. Effectiveness is the key word. It refers to all of the materials we produce and it is our priority. We design the materials on the basis of visual and verbal communication of the brand in such a way that they fulfill their function - draw the attention of potential customers.
Our many years of existence on the market allowed us to achieve something priceless on the market - experience. Our team members have been cooperating with each other for many years and are very effective. Our strong position in the industry has been a result of our reliability and the way we approach our customers - with respect and the understanding of their needs.

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  • Tomasz Smorgowicz
    An experienced marketing, PR and CSR business consultant. A graduate of journalism and management at the University of Gdańsk, as well as post-graduate PR studies at SWPS in Warsaw. He has over sixteen years of experience working in the media, at advertising agencies and communication departments, which allows him to combine multiple abilities into one skill set.
    Tomasz Smorgowicz
  • Łukasz Murawski
    A social psychologist—a graduate of SWPS in Warsaw. From the beginning of his professional career he has been working in the area of marketing and advertising as a corporate identity creation, brand communication and creative ideas specialist. A lecturer at WSB University. A mentor at Starter Incubator and AIP. A trainer at Pomerania Development Agency.
    Łukasz Murawski
    account director
  • Macej Janiszewski
    A graduate of the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Gdańsk, production system management specialisation programme. He has been working at Studio 102 for 10 years so far. He specialises in printing, preparation, production and logistics for all kinds of advertising materials.
    Maciej Janiszewski
    print & production manager
  • Adam Piskorz
    A graduate of Polish philology, editing and film studies specialisation programme at the University of Gdańsk, and post-graduate studies in online applications and services at the Gdańsk University of Technology, which increased his grey matter volume. Yet, he decreases it on a regular basis, making noise at Czechoslovakia (guitar) and Gars (bass). An active volleyball enthusiast and a passive football lover. He appreciates an open mind and an abstract sense of humour. An optimist and a creator.
    Adam Piskorz
    graphic designer
  • Łukasz Balcerzak
    A graduate of e-commerce at the University of Gdańsk. Has been working in the area of advertising graphics and marketing since 2005. At Studio 102 and Quellio he is responsible for creating graphic designs, designing and creating interactive websites. A sailing enthusiast.
    Łukasz Balcerzak
    graphic designer
  • Patrycja Kiryluk
    She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She associated with art from an early age. She loves to complicate the life of web developers with her unconventional projects, she creates her own dictionaries and draw folk patterns. She walks her own ways, like her cat. She dreams of run the whole Tri-City Landscape Park.
    Patrycja Kiryluk
    graphic designer
  • Przemysław Korzeniowski
    He graduated from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn with a degree in Marketing and Media. He has been closely involved with the marketing and PR industry for over 6 years. He spends his free time expanding his knowledge used in everyday work, running and reading books about the Second World War.
    Przemysław Korzeniowski
    senior account
  • Paulina Smorgowicz
    She is graduate of the Gdansk University of Technology in the field of Management and Marketing. For 10 years is associated with marketing and customer service. She is a fan of arranging, analyzing, introducing changes and continuous improvement both personal and organization. In private, he is crazy about the puzzle.
    Paulina Smorgowicz
    senior account
  • Emilia Kałużna
    A graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz. She fulfilled herself in dramatic theater, and for several years, working with people makes her happy. Her oxygen is music, design and old movies.
    Emilia Kałużna
    back office
  • Marek Grondkowski
    A graduate of the Marine Academy in Gdynia. Passionate about new technologies. Privately, a sci-fi and fantasy lover.
    Marek Grondkowski
    back-end developer
  • Marcin Wiśniewski
    A graduate of the Electronic Business specialization at Gdynia Maritime University. Privately, carp fishing and basketball enthusiast.
    Marcin Wiśniewski
    front-end developer
    internet solutions


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We have the ability to approach both visual and verbal communication in a holistic and unconventional way. Our team comprises about a dozen people whose competences complement each other. This allows us to comprehensively handle tasks entrusted to us. We create the necessary tools for communication fitting our client's needs, including Internet solutions.
Today, our group includes the following brands - Studio 102 (360 Agency), Quellio (Software House) and Mistrzowie Nawigacji (Training and Education).

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